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New House? How to Make It Feel Like Home

Congratulations on your shiny new townhome at Villa Medici! After you’ve moved in, the next step is to make it feel like home. You might not know where to start, especially if this is your first brand new home. Follow these tips to personalize your new space, and create a warm and inviting home that fits your idea of the perfect retreat.

  1. Start with the bed. Slipping into your cozy, familiar bed is instantly comforting. Make sure to put out all your bedding along with the sheets – pillows, comforter, duvet cover and/or throws. Make sure to launder everything before your move, so that it’s ready to go right away. You may want new bedding to go with your new home – but wait a few months until you’re a little more settled in and no longer need the familiar comfort.
  1. Sort out the kids’ rooms. Got kids? Get them feeling settled in, and you’ll feel more settled in too. Enlist their help in arranging their space, and ask them for ideas about décor and displays. You don’t have to actually use all of their ideas, which may involve giant dinosaurs or a princess castle bed – but just hearing them out will make them feel like an important part of the family (which they are). And surely, you can find one idea to follow through with – maybe purple curtains for your little princess, or a dinosaur bedspread for your son.
  1. Create familiar smells, sights and sounds. Are chocolate chip cookies a family favorite? Does the sight of your favorite bottle of wine signify that it’s Friday night? Do you like to cook dinner while Taylor Swift shakes it off? Engaging your senses with familiar smells, sights and sounds will help you feel present in the moment, and at home – right where you need to be.
  1. Don’t neglect your bedroom closet. While linen shelves and hallway storage closets can wait, your bedroom closet is a repository of necessities like clothes and shoes. If it gets stuck in “mess” mode for a while after you move in, it will create frustration and time delays every day. You may not be able to sort out your entire house right away, but you can organize your closet.
  1. Cook something wonderful. Moving day itself is probably not the best time to break out the pots and pans, but shortly after, a home-cooked meal will make everyone feel, well – at home. Don’t try out a crazy new recipe; instead, opt for an easy-to-cook meal that you love. Try comfort foods like macaroni and cheese, baked potato casserole or spaghetti.
  1. Get into your routine. Whether your morning routine includes reading the newspaper over breakfast, sipping coffee on the couch, or meditation by the window – get back into it as soon as you can.

Discover the incredible joys of owning a brand new townhome at Villa Medici, a place that you’ll love coming home to. Please contact us today for more information!