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How to Get Your Home Ready for a Florida Winter

One of the best things about living in Florida is the mild winter weather. Without the ice storms of the Northeast, the snowfall of the Midwest, or the endless rain of the Pacific North – Florida is one of the most pleasant places to be come January.

But there are still a few things you need to do before winter arrives to keep your home in tip-top shape – and to stay up on routine cleaning tasks, so that they don’t snowball later down the line. Check out this list of winter prep tips for your home, and get ready to enjoy a relaxing season.

• Check your HVAC filter, and replace if necessary. With a dirty filter, your heating unit will be less efficient, which means higher electric bills for you. Most filters need to be replaced every few months. Check yours for an excess of dust, dirt and other debris.

• Schedule a professional “Clean and Check” of your HVAC system. If your home is new, you can skip this step. But if it’s several years old and your system hasn’t been checked lately, hire a certified professional to ensure everything is working right.

• Turn on your oven and make sure it works – if you don’t use it regularly, that is. The day before Thanksgiving is not the time to find out that your oven is on the blink. Check any other winter appliances that you might need to use, like space heaters or fans in the guest bedroom. You may also want to do a “test run” of your heating system before the first really cold day arrives.

• Make sure your heating vents are unobstructed. Check for rugs, furniture or curtains that may be blocking your vents, and move if necessary.

• Reverse your ceiling fans. When it’s cold outside, you’ll want to set your fans to rotate in a clockwise direction. Warm air rises – and this trick will push the warm air back down into the room from near the ceiling.

• Check your windows and doors for drafts. Look at the seal around each one, and make sure your weather stripping is still in good condition. Caulk any gaps that you see. If you have hard time determining whether or not a draft exists, the sensitive flame of a candle can be a useful tool – just be careful with the open fire.

• Rotate your closet. When the temperature finally drops and sweater weather arrives, take the opportunity to curate your winter wardrobe and create space in your closet. Get rid of anything that is torn, no longer fits, or that you no longer like.

• Make yourself a mojito. This is Florida, after all – and you won’t have to worry about shoveling snow, slipping on ice, or driving in a blizzard. Kick back and relax – your winter work is done.

Discover how wonderful winter can be. Live in a brand new home at Villa Medici, and feel the benefits of the Florida lifestyle. Please contact us today to learn more!